Stop the Heartache and Be an Anchor. Sibyl Magazine. October 2016

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By Julie K. Halevan

My mouth was hanging open in astonishment and fright. “What has our world come to?”, I uttered.  I had spent the morning watching the ‘news’…terrorist attacks along with some spewing and ranting from one of our presidential candidates.  I felt nauseous and helpless.  As I was beginning to feel collective victimhood, my wise self took hold and informed me that to change the world, there were two very good courses I could take.

Firstly, I was drawn to look deep inside myself, to become the change I wanted to see in the world.  I could become a problem solver.  Secondly, I could embrace the stillness within the 5th dimensional consciousness that is actually already here and is just waiting to be celebrated and expanded for and by all.  To feel like a paralyzed victim would never be the solution!

I immediately began to feel more peace permeate through my being when I came to this realization that gloom and terror are on a mission to destroy.  When there is not the opposing (love) to meet it at its same intensity, darkness prevails.  So, the key is to collectively keep raising the vibration of the planet through love, blessings and service.  I realized I didn’t need to wait for a ‘leader’.  I AM that.  I made a list of all the things I could do to serve and feed others and give them the resources that they needed to thrive. What opportunities could I provide? I got moving and stopped fretting.

It also became apparent that the 5th dimensional reality is already here. So, another way to serve humanity would be to immerse myself into the stillness within this reality.  I began to relax into this beautiful nothingness, imagining myself as an anchor, energetically inviting all to come join me.  I experienced this overwhelming sensation and knowing that this unity consciousness reality is here.  And that if many of us would just allow ourselves to step inside this realm and feel it’s magic, we could topple over the reality of density and separation.  How exquisitely divine.

I share my feelings of a troubled reality, with you, in hopes that we will rally together and begin to reflect this more connected world, finding the peace and wholeness within ourselves first. What I have said might sound utopian and cliché’ to some…love, not hate. Yet, isn’t it also painfully obvious?  We need to

Fulfill our roles toward evolution and do our part to bring about a unified love force. Then we will see a better world portrayed.  Imagine a world where we all love ourselves immensely and embrace an eagerness to help all peoples. We would then experience global harmony.  A whole unified self, equals a whole unified world.


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