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Feel to Heal

 “You can tell me ANYTHING, Jul….Speak up…Say what is on your mind”.  I was fortunate to have a father who enthusiastically encouraged my sisters and I to always speak our truths, regardless of what we feared could be ridiculed by others or might not be popular. My father was a quadriplegic in a wheel-chair from the time that I was ten.  I found his repeated discourse ironic, nudging us to ‘stand up’, as he remained literally confined in his chair. I learned the value of feelings and emotions. Today, I practice ‘expression’ in all aspects of my life, while encouraging others to do the same. This wisdom has taught me that release and expression sets us free and makes us closer, wiser, lighter, and brighter beings.

15 years ago, when I began to regularly practice yoga, I noticed that as I moved through a vinyasa (a yogic dance), I sometimes would weep.  When I started teaching, I noticed this same response in my students.  I also became aware of the emotional effect certain palpation would have on my clients.  It became obvious that we literally hold emotions and memories within our connective tissues, throughout our meridian systems and in our chakras. If you quiet your mind and become very attuned to your body, you can feel where your emotions are present.

All experiences get stored in our physical bodies, like software being downloaded into a hard drive.  We then file the happening and it becomes part of our cellular memory. Feelings get stuck in our connective tissues, as literally, crystallized material.  As we learn to work with our four-bodied systems, issues will come to the surface to be healed.  That’s good.

Go inside, and be conscious. What’s the emotion? Express your truth, even if it’s just to yourself.  That honesty frees us all.  There have been instances where I’d judge my feelings as being ‘dark’ or ‘inappropriate’.  I would then stifle the emotion, for a brief period.  Not a good idea!  Luckily, though, somewhere in the recesses of my being, I would eventually hear my dad’s dictate and let it out.

You see, we need to honor our feelings and emotions and see them as gifts-messengers with really profound teachings.  Consider, the next time you are in the heat of an emotion, asking it what its message is.  If you listen closely, you will know.  Then when ready, acknowledge its wisdom and bid it farewell if it no longer serves you.  Or, integrate it if you find it valuable. Allow both discordances and pleasures to move through you, and don’t be afraid to express yourselves. When we acknowledge, move, express and clear feelings and emotions through our four-bodied systems, we can exude vibrancy and become shifters of consciousness.  Feel to heal…express to progress.

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