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The Message

It was the beginning of November, 2011.  There was a nip in the air as I was preparing my abode for the sacred space of gatherers that were to embark on my land on the eleventh day for an 11-11-11 celebration.  During the months leading up to this event, I was feeling a stirring deep within as though there was ‘a message’ that wanted to manifest itself on this occasion. The number “11” is a master number which symbolizes a gateway into a new way.  The realm of existence we desired to bring to the earth was that of unity consciousness.  I work with the Shakti life-force field.  This is the feminine energy of passion, freedom and spontaneity. This primordial essence was nudging me, un-relentlessly, to voice her intelligence during the ceremony.

Here is what came:

I am the life force of creation.  When open to my current within your body, I transform fear to love.  I merge the polarities within your being while also connecting you to other souls, as one soul.

I am everything alive, and the present moment is where I joyfully dwell. Can you be still and feel me at your root?  The sparking of fire and passion from within your being? In full communion with yourself and in the communing with others, you give me life.  Ignite me.  Can you feel the flames of transmutation?  I exist to give, move, to integrate and to transport you into expanding into unity consciousness, as we are all ready to transform.

I am pure energy. I am electric, magnetic and ecstatic.  Inhale my essence into every cell in your body, and I will bring you back to your Self, breaking through all your resistances and static you created to forget your magnificence.  You are worthy.  Trust me. As you begin to consume me, you will begin to feel the surrender.  It’s within the surrendering that we begin to flow freely and merge with others and ourselves.

I am that original spark of creation, the void – full of potential, where all is unity and we recognize our God-selves.  I beckon you to feel my movement.  Come dance with me as we glide through life sharing our loving union.

As I recited this message to the group, our simple bon-fire blazed into an inferno.  The wind began to swirl, and a train, on the tracks above my land, swept past us….whistle blowing.  The buzz was palpable.  We joined hands and hearts and expanded this high frequency outside of ourselves and grounded the current into mother earth.  It was a magical moment that will forever endure within me.  I ask you to close your eyes now and feel your feminine spark. Breathe this life-force into your body, as you simultaneously extend this essence outward…Namaste’.


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