Living in Harmony: Tantra as my Mystical Mantra

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There is nothing more exquisite than the experience of “Oneness.” Have you ever felt the peace that resides here? I invite you to become acquainted with the practice of tantra.

There seems to be a discordance in society over sexual energy, as exploited or feared – a stigma. In either case, sex has become devoid of spirituality. Perhaps it is because, on an unconscious level, we feel disconnected. It is time to heal the separation.

What could be more divine than the act of intercourse between polarities: earth and sky, sun and moon, life and death, masculine and feminine? Tantra brings us to the mystical awareness of the interconnectedness of all beings and the integration of all that is. It is a form of meditation that uses sexual energy, the most powerful force available to us, bringing us to expansion, self-realization and enlightenment.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word meaning liberation through expansion. It is a “loom” – an interweaving of energies of our many levels of consciousness and a celebration of our physical, emotional and sexual aspects. It takes us from the mundane into an erotic and intricate tapestry of communion.

Like an alchemist, we learn to transmute sexual energy from the root chakra – bringing feminine earth energy (shakti) up the spine, like a snake, into the heart center and brain. This process is known as “kundalini-rising.” Here, at the crown, the magnetic energy meets the electric (shiva), masculine energy, and a blissful merging is experienced.

Is it any wonder why lovers exclaim, “God” at the time of orgasm? It is in that unifying moment of stillness where God dwells and creation sparks. We experience present moment. In tantra, the orgasm is often experienced throughout the whole body…and there is nothing more delightful than a heart orgasm.

At the heart chakra, especially, energy of unity is felt. Tantra encourages us to feel. Sensuality is embraced. Tantrikas actually “over-load” the senses, satisfying them to the point of satiation. Then they go beyond their limits, exceeding their usual perceptions until they reach a space which becomes metaphysical – beyond what can be ordinarily sensed. Expansion occurs.

Tantric energy can be experienced with a beloved or alone, where one realizes the mystical union happening within oneself, as the polarities of one’s being come together. Sexual energy becomes a wonderful elixir for personal overall healing. Actually, many people who practice tantra on this planet do so without a sexual partner. Most tantrikas are monks and nuns. The Dalai Lama practices Highest Yoga Tantra, and he’s celibate. Within this life-force, one can manifest miracles!

I encourage all to tap into this creative power. Feel your God-Selves! As Osho, one of the great tantra teachers, exclaims: “A rose is an opportunity for beauty to happen. The physical body is an opportunity for love to happen. Tantra is an opportunity for Godliness to manifest through us, so that we, as limited beings, can share in the ecstasy of the Universe.”

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