Ecstasy is your Birthright! Sibyl Magazine, April 2016

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Living in Ecstasy – You are Worthy!

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By Julie K. Halevan                                                                         

 The rest of that night, I laid catatonic on my friend’s couch, as waves and streams of bliss moved through my body, undulating to the tune of a wonderful internal humming. OMG, was that a cosmic orgasm?  I believe so!  Many years ago, as a newbie on the spiritual path, I participated in a spiritual gathering on my friend’s farm, in the month of February.  Actually, it was on the 11th of that heart-filled month.  We gathered late at night, as an “anchor group” connecting with other spiritual circles around the world…all of us linking up with the Master Group in Mallorca Spain. This Spanish entry point infused a “oneness vibration” to groups all over the planet. Our mission was to ground this essence. We must have been successful, as I had never before experienced such quantum waves of pure and intense divine love. It felt like Samadhi.  I entered the Greater Reality, a heaven on earth.  It was pure rapture.

So, pleasure…It is the most natural state for the body to be in.  It’s what the body intuitively knows.  It’s our birthright.  The body needs ecstatic energy!  Every organ and gland needs this high frequency to be in perfect balance and optimal health.  The presence of high vibration engages our light bodies, leading to overall transformation. So, how can we practically, practice bliss, every day?

Firstly, be willing to simply surrender.  When an imprisonment within your consciousness is let go of, whether it be in the physical, mental or emotional, a quickening occurs which allows a higher vibration in.  And in turn, that higher vibration will further spin out, like centrifugal force, anything that doesn’t serve you. So jump off the cliff and be open to a new vista.  Another simple daily exercise is to engage in any activities that are personally pleasurable. Continuously do what makes you happy. Draw in energy that is nourishing. Create your own vortex field. The more you do this, the quicker you will create a frame of reference for a new higher frequency.

The body holds onto negativity because it is denser and slower and can, by its mere nature, linger more easily.  High frequency is fleeting, because it is lighter, but if we make pleasure our new habit, our bodies will more readily remember it and be triggered more by joyful experiences. Practice expanding your aura. Try this: With your in-breath, draw the light frequency in through the top of your head, and extend it out through your solar plexus (belly).  This will move your field out, as the light coming in, will expand outward.

Just be radiant!… the result of the ecstatic spark which moves outward and pervades all.  When here, nothing is ever missing. You are worthy of such jubilance.

Sibyl Magazine, April 2016



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